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Aasife & Brothers Biriyani Centre


Aattu Kaal Soup - Rs. 90
Kozhi milagu rasam- Rs. 60
Sweetcorn Chicken Soup- Rs. 50
Hot & Sour Chicken Soup- Rs. 50
Chicken Clear Soup- Rs. 50
Sea Food Soup - Rs. 60

Chicken Starter

Karuvepillai Kozhi Varutha Curry- Rs. 150
Kozhi Milagu Varuval- Rs. 150
Kozhi Porichadhu- Rs. 150
Andhra Chicken Roast- Rs. 150
Chicken 65- Rs. 140
Chicken Lollipop Manchurian- Rs. 160
Chilli Chicken- Rs. 140
Chicken Manchurian- Rs. 140
Garlic Chicken- Rs. 140
Ginger Chicken- Rs. 140
Singapore Chicken - Rs. 140
Dragon Chicken- Rs. 140
Shanghai Chicken- Rs. 140

Mutton Starter

Dindukal kola Urundai- Rs. 200
Madurai Mutton Varuval- Rs. 200
Mutton Sukka- Rs. 200
Chilli Mutton- Rs. 200
Mutton Manchurian- Rs. 200
Shredded Lamb With Green Chilli- Rs. 200
Shredded Lamb In Schezwan Sauce- Rs. 200
Lamb In Hot Garlic Sauce- Rs. 200
Crunchy Lamb- Rs. 200
Honey lamb with seasame- Rs. 200


Chicken Biriyani 1/2 Plate- Rs. 150
Mutton Biriyani 1/2 Plate- Rs. 170
Chicken Biriyani 1/2 Plate- Rs. 130
Mutton Biriyani 1/2 Plate- Rs. 170
Egg Biriyani- Rs. 110
Khushka 1/2 Plate- Rs. 100
Chicken Mugal Biriyani (15 minutes)- Rs. 160
Mutton Mugal Biriyani (15 minutes)- Rs. 200
Fish Biriyani (15 minutes)- Rs. 180
Prawn Biriyani (15 minutes)- Rs. 200
Chicken Biriyani 1 kg (8 members)- Rs. 1300
Chicken Biriyani 1/2 kg- Rs. 700
Mutton Biriyani 1 kg (8 members)- Rs. 1700
Mutton Biriyani 1/2 kg- Rs. 900
All Chicken Boneless Charge- Rs. 20

Fish and Sea Food Gravy

Malabar Fish Curry- Rs. 180
Mean Moilee- Rs. 180
Fish Masala- Rs. 180
Fish Tikka Masala- Rs. 180
Malai Fish Tikka- Rs. 150
Eral Thokku- Rs. 200
Prawn Pepper Masala- Rs. 200
Prawn Manchurian- Rs. 200


Chicken Masala- Rs. 150
Kozhi Kozhambu- Rs. 150
Chettinadu Chicken- Rs. 150
Chicken Kaalimirchi- Rs. 150
Chicken Shimla Mirchi- Rs. 150
Akbari Chicken Masala- Rs. 160
Butter Chicken Masala- Rs. 160
Chicken Tikka Masala- Rs. 160
Chicken Do Piyaza- Rs. 150
Chicken Saagwala- Rs. 160


Grill Chicken Full- Rs. 320
Grill Chicken Half- Rs. 170
Kaboos- Rs. 20


Mutton Masala- Rs. 200
Mutton Hyderabad- Rs. 200
Mutton Kozhambu- Rs. 200
Mutton Roganjosh- Rs. 200
Mutton Chettinadu- Rs. 200
Mutton Kurma- Rs. 200
Mutton Kalimirchi- Rs. 200
Mutton Saagwala- Rs. 200
Mutton Do Piyaza- Rs. 200


Egg. Noodles- Rs. 130
Chicken Noodles- Rs. 150
Mutton Noodles- Rs. 180
Mix Noodles- Rs. 210
Prawn Noodles- Rs. 190
Chicken Schezwan Noodles- Rs. 170
Mutton Schezwan Noodles- Rs. 190
Mix Veg. Noodless- Rs. 150
Mushroom Noodles- Rs. 130
Schezwan Veg.Noodles- Rs. 130
Paneer Noodles- Rs. 140
Schezwan Paneer Noodles- Rs. 140
Mushroom Schezwan Noodles- Rs. 130
Shanghai Veg. Noodles- Rs. 120
Veg. American Chopsuey- Rs. 130


Ordinary Parotta- Rs. 20
Kotthu Parotta- Rs. 80
Chicken Kottthu Parotta- Rs. 110
Ceylon Parotta (Chicken &Egg)- Rs. 140
Egg.Which Parotta- Rs. 60
Prawn kothu Parotta- Rs. 140
Mutton Kothu Parotta- Rs. 130
Lappa- Rs. 30


Sweetcorn Veg Soup- Rs. 40
Hot & Sour Veg Soup- Rs. 40
Cream of Veg Soup- Rs. 40
Mushroom Pepper Soup- Rs. 45
Tomato soup- Rs. 40

Veg Starters

Aachis Varuval (Cauliflower Fry)- Rs. 100
Gobi 65- Rs. 100
Paneer 65- Rs. 130
Babycorn 65- Rs. 100
Gobi Manchurian- Rs. 100
Mushroom Munchurian- Rs. 100
Garlic Paneer- Rs. 140
Paneer Tikka- Rs. 140


Veg. Curry- Rs. 100
Veg. Kurma- Rs. 100
Veg. Kadai Masala- Rs. 120
Paneer Kurma- Rs. 120
Shahi Paneer- Rs. 120
Paneer Butter Masala - Rs. 140
Panner Tikka Masala- Rs. 140
Aloo Palak- Rs. 100
Aloo Mutter- Rs. 100
Gobi Masala- Rs. 100
Veg.Dhal Piayza- Rs. 100
Green Peeas Masala- Rs. 100
Aloo Gobi Masala- Rs. 100
Mushroom Masala- Rs. 130
Baby Corn Masala- Rs. 110
Mushroom Baby Corn Masala- Rs. 110
Dhal Fry - Rs. 100
Dhal Tadka- Rs. 100
Dhal Makhani- Rs. 100


Plain Roti- Rs. 20
Butter Roti- Rs. 30
Plain Naan- Rs. 20
Butter Naan- Rs. 30
Chappathi- Rs. 20
Pulka- Rs. 20
Kulcha- Rs. 20
Stuffed Kulcha- Rs. 30
Paratha- Rs. 30
Garlic Naan- Rs. 40
Paneer Naan- Rs. 40
Latcha Parotta- Rs. 40
Pudina Parotta- Rs. 40
Panner Tikka- Rs. 120
Veg. Tandoori- Rs. 120
Veg. Kabab- Rs. 100
Fruit & Veg Tikka- Rs. 100


Kalaki- Rs. 40
Chicken & Egg Kalaki- Rs. 80
Masala Veg Kalaki- Rs. 50
Karandi- Rs. 40
Masala Veg Karandi- Rs. 50
Egg Podimas- Rs. 50
Boiled Egg- Rs. 30
Masala Muttai Varuval- Rs. 50
Omelette Plain- Rs. 40
Masala Omelette- Rs. 50

Chicken Tandoori

Tandoori Chicken (Full-1)- Rs. 320
Tandoori Chicken (Half 1/2)- Rs. 180
Tandoori Chicken (Quarter-1/4)- Rs. 100
Chicken Tikka- Rs. 150
Chicken Kaalimirichi Kabab- Rs. 160


Chicken Fried Rice- Rs. 140
Shanghai Fried Rice- Rs. 140
Mutton Fried Rice- Rs. 180
Chicken Schezwan Fried Rice- Rs. 160
Mutton Schezwan Fried Rice- Rs. 190
Prawn Fried Rice- Rs. 190
Mix Fried Rice- Rs. 210
Egg. Fried Rice- Rs. 120
Veg. Fried Rice- Rs. 100
Mix Veg. Fried Rice- Rs. 120
Mushroom Fried Rice- Rs. 120
Schezwan Veg. Fried Rice- Rs. 140
Paneer Fried Rice- Rs. 140
Schezwan Paneer Fried Rice- Rs. 140
Mushroom Schezwan Fried Rice - Rs. 130
Shanghai Veg. Fried Rice- Rs. 120

Milk Shake

Mango Milk Shake- Rs. 80
Strawberry Milk Shake- Rs. 80
Vannila Milk Shake- Rs. 80
Pineapple Milk Shake- Rs. 80
Butter Scotch Milk Shake- Rs. 80

Ice Creams

Strawberry- Rs. 50
Vannila- Rs. 50
Butter Scotch- Rs. 60
Chocolate - Rs. 60
Fruit Salad- Rs. 80
Falooda- Rs. 120
Fruit Salad Icecream- Rs. 100


Grape Juice- Rs. 60
Orange Juice- Rs. 70
Apple Juice- Rs. 70
Chikku Juice (Sappota)- Rs. 50
Watermelon- Rs. 50
Musk Melon- Rs. 50
Pomegranate- Rs. 70
Mango- Rs. 70
Pineapple- Rs. 60
Carrot- Rs. 60
Lassi- Rs. 50
Lemon- Rs. 30
Lemon Soda- Rs. 40
Sweet Lime- Rs. 50


Renny kr said...

This was my first order with Aasife, I ordered for 2 mutton biryanis on 20th march 2016, i called 40074001 at 11.54am . i placed my order and i was told i would receive it in 40 mins. I called back again at 1.13 pm, was told slight delay because it is a sunday. I called back at 1.56pm and was told person already left 30 mins ago.I was given the delivery boys no which turned out to be a wrong no . I called back got the right no and spoke with him , he informed me that he would reach my place in 10 mins . It is 3.40 pm now and i have not heard from him.
I have a 5 yr old kid who was hungry waiting for the food . I understand mine maybe was a small order compared to others . If that was the case i should have been informed that small orders r not handled on a busy weekend .
Way to go aasife!!!!!!!!

gnans said...

Ha well then bro I have just changed my mind from ordering........thanks.

gnans said...

Ha well then bro I have just changed my mind from ordering........thanks.

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